Our mission is simple “Brew great beer.”

Lookingglass Brewery is dedicated to bringing customers a craft beer experience they will never forget, and simply enjoy.

Remember, Hoppy beer makes hoppy people!

Our Tap

SummerTime Blonde Ale

A very light bodied, easy on the palate, easy to drink beer. It is light in color, low IBU’s, and very smooth. This is as close to lagers as we get here at Lookingglass Brewery. A great beer for the light beer lovers.

ABV –5.0% | IBU – 23

AnyTime Pale Ale

A medium to light easy to drink beer with a moderate hop flavor. It is medium bodied, medium IBU’s (International Bitterness Units), and moderately colored with good head retention. This is a great tasting, all around, year round beer to suit the taste of many pale ale drinkers.

ABV – 5.5% | IBU – 41

HopTime Pale Ale

Pale Ale – a low to medium bodied hoppy Pale Ale. We left some of the malt flavors in and hopped it up for the hoppy beer lovers. This is a hoppy but smooth Pale Ale.

ABV – 6.2% ; IBU – 58

EasyTime Red Ale

This smooth Red captures all the flavors and characteristics a good Red should have. Slightly malty, slightly hoppy with a citrus hop, smooth and easy on the palate. Cheers!

ABV – 6.0% | IBU – 56

GoodTime Amber Ale

This amber ale showcases maltiness with medium caramel and roasted malt character combined with fruitiness and citrus notes from the hops.

ABV – 5.8% | IBU – 58

BreakTime Brown Ale

This smooth Brown Ale has slight aromas and flavors of chocolate, coffee, nut, and caramel. It leans to the malty side with low IBU’s, just like a good Brown should be! Cheers!

ABV – 6.0% | IBU – 32

PrimeTime Porter

A full-bodied, lightly hopped, great tasting Porter. This beer has lots of flavors for your palate. It has hints of chocolate, coffee, nuts and caramel. It goes down smooth and leaves you wanting more!

ABV – 6.4% | IBU – 35

HammerTime Stout (Seasonal)

Leans malty and is a fine balance between coffee and chocolate with very light caramel tones. It has a rich, dark head and a creamy mouthfeel. This one will leave you wanting more!

ABV – 7.0% ; IBU – 57

SpringTime IPA (Seasonal)

SpringTime IPA (Seasonal) – a clean crisp hoppy IPA. It is low bodied, light colored, and high in IBU’s. This is a clean smooth-hoppy great tasting IPA.

ABV– 6.5% ; IBU – 69

OverTime IPA

A smooth medium bodied, hoppy beer. High in IBU’s and medium in color with a great hoppy aftertaste. This is a complex, great tasting IPA with a smooth balanced mouth feel. A true hopheads favorite!

ABV – 7.1% | IBU – 89

T-minus 60 IPA


T-minus 60 IPA (new) – light bodied, smooth, tropical, fruity IPA. This IPA is easy on the palate with a great tropical, hoppy aftertaste.

ABV – 6.5% | IBU – 60

RiverTime Hazy IPA

A very hop-forward IPA with a great nose. East meets West style hazy with stone and tropical fruit notes to delight your taste buds.

ABV –7.5% | IBU – 50

HappyTime Red

A smooth, great tasting raspberry flavored beer. It is low- medium bodied, low-medium IBU’s, and has a medium rust color to it. Its smooth light raspberry taste makes it a favorite among all types of beer drinkers.

ABV – 4.7% | IBU – 47

FestivAleTime CDA (Seasonal)

A dark hoppy ale that will put your taste buds on overload! Lots of holiday flavors in this dark ale… 5 malts, 3 hops, and a very slight hint of cherry to top off this very smooth CDA.

CDA. ABV – 6.8% | IBU – 68

DoubleTime DIPA (Seasonal)

Clean crisp hoppy double IPA. It is very light in body, light in color, and high in IBU’s with a discernible citrus aftertaste. This is a clean, smooth, hoppy, great tasting DIPA.

ABV – 8.8% | IBU – 88

PartyTime DIPA (Seasonal)

A strong, hoppy DIPA with medium maltiness combined with lots of earthy and piney hops. This is one of the smoothest DIPA’s you’ll ever taste. ABV – 8.9% ; IBU – 84

ABV – 8.9% | IBU – 84

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